Notepads for Etsy/Craft Sellers

We have hundreds of craft stores, Etsy sellers, and online sellers that customise our notepads for their clients. We offer a variety of ways that you can customise the notepads yourselves, or order customised versions from us directly. Check out some of our work below, and the options available. Please contact us using the contact form below, if you would like more information or would like to discuss a specific project.

Store Stock

We have an excellent range of notepads for your online/physical stores, including our Stationery, Travel, Pearlised, Sparkle, Pastel and Space ranges. The notepads come in Lined, Squared, Dotted, Plain, and Lined/Plain Combo paper. We can work with you to identify the best notepads/ranges that work well with your existing store.

We offer bulk discounts for Etsy/Craft sellers, and can offer year round discount deals for consistent orders across the year. Please contact us to find out more. We can also provide you with discount codes for your customers to order from us directly.

Join hundreds of craft stores that provide our notepads to their customers via our bulk discount programme. Contact us below.

Add Your Own Touch

Some of our ranges are fantastic for customising using Vinyl or other label technologies. You can use our Pearlised and Sparkle ranges to provide individualised products to your customers.

For example, Hallbank Designs have provided their Etsy customers with a way of producing personalised gifts for their friends.

Customisations we have seen include:

  • Add Vinyl prints to the front of the notepads
  • Create your own packaging
  • Add other products to the notepads to sell as a batch of items
  • Add stickers to the notepads
  • Whats your creativity telling you? Let us know and we'll see whats possible!
Join our network of Etsy/Craft sellers who provide our notepads to their customers in a customised format. Contact us below.

Custom Designs

Some of our ranges are fantastic for customising for your store. We offer the following:

  • Logos/Slogans/words on the front covers
  • Custom inner pages based on what you need for your customers e.g. graph paper, small squares etc
  • Greyscale logos on the inner pages
  • Additional designed pages
  • Additional full-colour glossy inserts

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