Why have just one?

We all know that notepads are handy to have around the house, the workplace or even just in your bag when you’re out of the house, as they always come in useful. They have a near infinite list of uses and so easy to just grab and go to use in whatever way you need, but sometimes there is an unfortunate flaw with notepads… they can be plain and have lined paper. Notepads are for taking notes, but that doesn’t limit it to writing or just that use. Hence why it’s sometimes best to have a few hanging around encase you tend to forget when you place things. We’re all guilty of that. Also, a splash of colour and style, something to show a little bit of you through the cover of your notepad. It could also just be for the variety because I know I couldn’t just pick one notepad.

So, for those of you who are out there who are like me, can’t pick one you don’t have to break your heart over picking one. With our bulk boxes we have a box full of choice just for you. Our 10 pack comes in a range of camouflage colour combination such as Green, Pink, Purple, Blue and Black and you can have all five paper types too. You will have 2 sets of all 5 paper types Plain, Lined, Plain and Lined combination, Squared and Dotted. This allows you to have variety in style and paper types so for all your needs you will be covered writing, sketching, road-mapping and calculating.

The colour schemes are very well combined and placed together and would be perfect for the outdoors activities. So, if wildlife sketching is your thing or you want to list all the birds you spot while twitching maybe it’s the only place you feel calm and peaceful to write? However, it maybe none of the above and it might just be your favourite style and how to have it in your favourite colour for when you go back to school, it must be your lucky day. These boxes are perfect for gifts to your friends and family or fellow enthusiasts.

I believe these are true to their name and really can sneak away from you. So, come a catch yours before they fade into the forest.

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