Wholesalers and Why are they Important

This blog will explain everything you need to know about wholesalers and why they are important.

Firstly, wholesalers are companies who can purchase many products from manufacturers then these store products in a warehouse and later sell them on to businesses and retailers. Wholesalers operate between certain product manufacturers and any business that want to sell that product.  We at IPV are a wholesaler which means we supply products to customers at a lower price and in bulk, which is great for our industry. 

Furthermore, at IPV we believe it is important to work closely with wholesalers as it acts as a bridge to the supply and supplying industry, whilst more importantly being more beneficial to you, the customer.

One such wholesale company is Willow Trader, they use biodegradable plastic so when they have the choice to avoid using any plastic they will. By making all their products biodegradable it reduces the amount of waste produced therefore protecting the environment with it.

Another excellent example of a wholesaler is Boobalou. Just like Willow Trader, they also aim to only use biodegradable plastic while aiming to make all their products sustainable and to try to prevent their product ever having to go landfill. By doing these two things they will reach their main goal which is making a positive impact towards the environment.

We believe we should be your choice for purchasing your wholesale notepad. If you would like to purchase some excellent notepads while also saving the planet, we are the company to use. We believe you will not be disappointed in choosing us.

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