Wholesaler efforts to help the Environment

Do you know how much wholesalers do for the environment?

The first company we would like to show our appreciation to is the Willow trader. They are a company that truly care about the environment. They convey this by making all their products not harmful to the environment, by making all their plastic biodegradable and when there a chance not to use plastic, they will. For example, they sell a bamboo handle toothbrush and steel straws which are 100% recyclable, this means that they help reduce the amount of plastic waste they use and protect wildlife.

The second wholesaler that we want to highlight is Boobalou, they started in 2014. They are similar to Willow Trader, except they try to make every single one of their products biodegradable or plastic free. Their goal is to stop their products ever needing to go to landfill and to make households more sustainable, these two things together help them achieve their even bigger goal, of making a massive positive impact to the environment.

At IPV, we care about the environment tremendously, so we make sure all our notepads and paper are made locally and shown by our Made in Britain accreditation. By having every product made in Britain means that the trucks that deliver our supplies produce less CO2 compared to big retailers that import their supplies from other countries. Also, we have received our Carbon Capture accreditation which means we capture the carbon at the source and then trapping it under ground and isolate it.

If you would like to clarify if our words our honest, the only thing you need to be to investigate our accreditation and by doing that will show that we are the company that you should be choosing for your next wholesale notepad purchases.

Now you can see that we our trying to save the world, now it’s your turn to protect your children’s future by buying from us.

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