What do you need at school?

What do you need at school? It seems like a basic question, one that has many answers.

When in it is in every classroom, school bag, kids’ bedroom probably in every room of the house. Paper, weather it is for drawing or writing, listing, calculating or even folding into an origami masterpiece. Its paper.

And that’s what we need in schools and that is why we need notepads. Because we can have our pens, pencils, sharpener and eraser but they are absolutely obsolete with nothing to use them on in class, you’re not going to write on the table, are you?

To have your notes from class or to be doing your homework in, notepads are essential when going back to school. To have your notepad by your side and in your favourite style or styles is going to make school seem less boring. Especially as we have 5 different paper types, so you don’t have to sacrifice your favourite notepad as its not got the right paper for the class you want it for. Also getting them from us would be easier and less cost effective than traipsing to 5, if not more, different stores to get 1 of each of those specific notepads. All it takes is a few clicks on our website and the notepad crisis is over.

Our summer fruit range is quite popular this time of year with our watermelon and lemon notepads being the best pick of the bunch. This is the ideal summer notepad as it gives off the most positive, yummy, sitting in the sun picnic vibes perfect for remembering the holidays when you go back to school. Although if lemons are to sour and watermelon is too sweet, we have pears and bananas, plus who doesn’t think of the Caribbean when they hear about bananas? These are ideal for going back to school you could even go for our crazy multi fruit notepad with kiwis, oranges and peaches covering it giving off the most delicious juicy summer vibes. Hopefully you will remember you are still at school and not swinging in a hammock on an exotic island far away.

Also, the notepad is for school not your snack break!

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