We're now on Rangeme!

IPV is very excited to announce that we’re one of over 200,000 companies that have partnered with Rangeme, an online retail platform to showcase our entire collection of IPV stationery products.

For those of you who don’t know, Rangeme is the leading product discovery that enables retail buyers to discover and purchase innovative and emerging products such as ours, while also helping companies to manage and grow their brands.

Launching on Rangeme will give us access to a variety of services, tools, and insights that will help us considerably to increase our brand visibility, manage and fulfill orders more efficiently, and to help us grow and manage our retail relationships.

 Rangeme has a feature that allows us to submit our brands directly to retailers streamlining the process of making business connections. We will also be able to use their directory of service providers, and endorse providers and compare their quotes directly.

You can check out our page here!


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