We're Not Kids Anymore

So you’re at university now, no longer having your parents doing your back to school shopping and its upon you. Well, what takes your fancy now it’s up to you? Do you want something that’s smart like our Executive Range? Or something that is still fun like our Pastel Range? Or something with character like our Geometric Range?

Our Geometric Range has a unique variety that really shows your intelligence, creativity and your sophistication, unfortunately it may steal the attention away from you. The white, navy, gold and beauty that it possess and although it may just appear to be random lines, it creates an extraordinary art-form of pareidolia. The options are the white and gold hexagon which is very classy and perfect for grabbing on the way to your classes.

However, if you prefer the darker tones we have a navy and gold kite pattern which is unique yet joyfully peculiar. We have a navy and gold rhombus notepad that also comes in white in gold which is perfect if you love the style but need a differ one for your classes.

Our more unique and expressive notepads are the white and gold diamond, square, scales and the black and gold square pyramid all exquisite. You will be asked where it came from, down to the fact it will be the centre of attention in all your classes. We have a very complex pairing in this range, it is the navy and gold dodecahedron and the cube with which the entanglement and their intertwined designs make them noticed.

All our notepads can be requested to come in plain for the art students sketching down ideas and rough masterpieces before they hit the canvas. You can have squared for math and science majors for their equations and calculations and complex theories. The plain and lined combo for the drama students when preparing lines and for scenes and the placing diagrams for the directions of the performance. We have the lined for literature, classic or modern, students when looking at famous writers before us and the dotted for the philosophy students who are keeping track of the questions being studied.

Perfect for the more mature student.

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