Variety of Bulk Boxes

Here at IPV we have a variety of bulk boxes, and this blog will tell you exactly why we think you should purchase one today.

It can be stressful going back to school, starting school, or going back to work, and this is where we come in and can assist. At IPV we have a wide range of notebooks which can aid you in whatever tasks you may be doing, whether it’s travelling, jotting down your thoughts these notebooks are perfect for you.

Have you found a certain design that you particularly like the look of, before seeing another design that takes your fancy?

Then why not buy one of our bulk boxes! These will be excellent for anyone who is either indecisive over which design to go for or anyone who enjoys the designs that are on offer.

Our notepads come in five paper types:

  • Plain
  • Lined
  • Squared
  • Dotted
  • Plain/Lined Combo

We also have various cover styles which include Sparkle, Pearlised, Marble, Stationery and Camouflage. Inside the bulk box you have a selection of several variations which can range from a pack of 5 notepads of your choice or as much as a pack of 40. Inside your pack, you can have your very own choice of 2 of each paper type or just one of each, depending on which pack you purchase, it is completely up to you.

Inside your bulk box will have the option to have a pack of 5, 10, 15, 25 or 40 of our premium notebooks to choose from. We are very confident that you will enjoy your purchase and if you would like to preview some more of our excellent products please visit:


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