Using Local Products, Suppliers and Managed Forests

Here at IPV, we are always finding new and improved ways to be sustainable and eco-friendly. Whether that is using local products and suppliers or using materials from European managed forests, we try to ensure that we are reducing our carbon footprint as much as we can.

Interest has dramatically increased recently for paper-based goods that are produced sustainably. Consumers are becoming more aware of where their products are coming from and want to know whether they are making a positive environmental contribution and reducing their Carbon Footprint. Therefore, here at Innovative Product Ventures (IPV) we only use European managed forests to source all our paper, backing and covers. This means that when you buy from us, you are making a positive environmental impact.

We make sure that we are continuously trying to reduce our mileage for our products, which is why we only use local businesses. The paper we use may be more cost effective further away however, one of our major company aims is to be more environmentally friendly, which is why all our resources come from the United Kingdom. Our printer and drillers are based within a 15-mile radius from ourselves. This allows us to reduce pollution from long-distance transportation, shipping, and storage, which we are fortunate enough to avoid.

All our products are handmade within the UK with our offices based in Salisbury and our warehouse based in Shaftesbury, Dorset. We can make sure that they do not have long commuted times, which can be counterproductive for saving vehicle emissions. Our warehouse staff make sure that you receive your products at the best possible quality, whilst also making sure that someone carefully ensures every resource we have as little wastage as possible. We also make all our relevant machinery within the UK to make sure we are remaining sustainable.

We understand that there is more to be done, which is why every day we are always keeping up to date with all the latest ways to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly; by always ensure that our resource manufacturers are remaining environmentally friendly and are using managed forests for the relevant sources. We will continue to carry on moving forward to be the best sustainable company we can but for now, we are proud of the impact we are making and by buying from us you will contribute to this impact and provide your customers, staff, and pupils with essential but sustainable resources.

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