Types of Wholesaler

Wholesalers are companies who purchase various products from numerous manufacturers for a much lower price than other businesses meaning they receive a discount by selling them in high volume. They then sell the products to retailers for much more than they paid while making money while being at a better price than the retailer would’ve got from the manufacturer. Effective wholesalers have a brilliant sales team who manage to come up with the most effective strategies to get the products shipped in sufficient time as well as being delivered in pristine condition.

Building a good network of suppliers is very important in wholesale as they need manufacturers and suppliers to rely on. Products being a high standard, a good relationship with the customer and the deliveries being on time is vital in making sure a business runs smoothly for a wholesaler.

 There are three types of wholesalers:

  • Merchant wholesalers
  • Manufacturing distributors
  • Agents or brokers.

Merchant wholesalers are wholesalers who purchase big quantities of products where they then store them and sell them onto much smaller companies, where they can also be called a supplier or distributor. Their main goal is to buy and sell various products to retail for a considerable profit.

Some manufacturers have their own sales team who sell to much smaller wholesalers and retailers. The sales department could be considered a type of wholesaler if the production and sales of the company are managed and located separately.

Agents or brokers are very rare within wholesaling today but is still around. This is when they earn commission by negotiating with certain deals on bulk-box good which have been brought.  However, this is only common within very few companies.   

At IPV, we are a manufacturer who creates and sells notepads to various clients who require our services. We would class ourselves as a merchant wholesaler as we store a bulk of notepads inside our warehouse where we later ship out to various consumers. By doing this we will gain a profit as well as becoming a much more accredited company while retaining a good relationship with the client. We believe we should be your wholesaler because we can work alongside any company to produce our notepads and can also tailor them to your requirements. If you want to save the planet while owning a flashy notepad then we are the company for you.




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