The New Way To Do Back to School

It may seem like school is only a few weeks away from breaking up for the summer, but no sooner school ends they will be going back.

Having the right equipment for education is more than essential. It is the way we can progress, advance and further ourselves. So, what is on every back to school list? You have your pencils, pens, ruler, rubber, calculator and what else? Your notebook, and you could have any notepad. Any colour, any size, any notepad at all, there are plenty to choose from. However, wouldn’t you rather have a notepad that is a little more eye catching, something that sets you apart from the rest? Something that allows your personality to show through via your favourite look and style, or even a personalised and bespoke design dedicated to you.

With our notebooks/notepads we have a vast variety of style categories alongside a whole array of colours that are bursting with uniqueness and personality. Getting ready to go back to education can be an experience many dread, but also an exciting time for a fresh start and with that fresh start why not have a fresh new look? Find something that is exactly what you have been looking for. With our new back to school range, we cater to all ages and each individual taste making sure you have something a little different from the crowd.

With 18 ranges to choose from you could pick one for each subject with 5 different paper types. You will be set for the whole year. For example, we have our plain notepad in our Stationery Range for Art, squared in the Geometric Range for Maths, lined in the Pastel Range for English, plain and lined combo in Floral Range for Geography, and our dotted in Space Range for Science.

When going back to school it can be a concern for parents and children alike, how will the first day go, have you got everything you need, are you going to be on time? How about you take some of stress out of the running from shop to shop looking for everything and just come to us for all your back to school needs. We have stationery galore and we have been extremely excited to roll out this range. Our specially selected collections for all ages and each academic year are finally here.

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