Stationery Range Bulk Boxes

We have a variety of different style of notepads here at IPV including an excellent stationery range. Within these bulk boxes you have the choice of a 5, 10, 25 and 40 pack of notepads to choose from. Our notepads also come with brilliant 80gsm paper while also having twin wire binding and a whiteboard backing meaning it can fold back on itself. This is perfect if you plan on taking it inside a school bag. These will be ideal for any student going to college or school who fancies an expressive notepad design. Inside a 5 pack there are one of each notepad colour available, in a 10 pack there are two of each colour available.

Inside your bulk box you have 5 different styles to choose from:               

  • Paperclips
  • Paintbrush
  • Colouring pencil
  • Colouring pens
  • Crayons.

Furthermore, it comes with 5 different paper types:

  • Lined
  • Plain
  • Squared
  • Dotted
  • Lined/Plain combination.

The lined paper will be perfect for anyone who needs to write down any notes whether its at home or in education. Our excellent plain paper would be perfect for anyone who enjoys brainstorming what’s in their head or anyone who has a creative side to them and likes to express their feeling down on paper. Moreover, our squared paper is perfect for any student at school or college for maths classes and needs to work out calculations. Our dotted paper would be ideal for anyone who needs to draw out various business plans and project ideas.

The prices of the bulk boxes are as follows:

  • Box of 5 = £9.99
  • Box of 10 = £19.99
  • Box of 25 = £25.99
  • Box of 40 = £99.99

 We are very confident that you will enjoy our wide range of notepads and will find the design of your dreams. You won’t find anywhere else that sell their products using as little plastic as we do here at IPV so we strongly believe we will be the right company for you. If you would like to purchase some excellent notepads while also saving the planet then we are the company for you. Our notebooks are all Carbon Capture and Made in Britain Accredited which meaning that they are eco-friendly and locally sourced. Look on our site or get in touch with us via our phone 01722 441482, if you are interested in the bulk boxes, we have available.

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