Spring Fair

Attending the Spring Fair

IPV recently attended the Spring Fair in Birmingham, which is one of the largest trade shows in the UK with a variety of retailers from different areas such as home, stationery, gift, and fashion.

This was a great opportunity for us as a company to showcase our brand, and to network with other retailers who might be interested in our brilliant collection of notepad ranges and our other stationery products, as well as wholesalers who will help get our products stocked in a wider marketplace.

This also gave us a chance to examine the recent market trends within the stationery industry and was a great opportunity to do market research, and to see how our product ranges could be marketed. 

 Although we’re still a relatively small company, attending the fair has helped us raise our profile as we were able to make relevant contacts and generate leads which we can follow up. Overall It has helped us raise our profile and given us valuable ideas and feedback to use to help our products reach a larger audience.

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