Special Offer - Pack of 40 Notepads

Here at IPV, we have a numerous number of bulk boxes available for you to choose from. One of these is the 40 pack of notepads. By purchasing in bulk, you will no longer have to buy your notepads separately as you will get an array of different designs inside every bulk box.

Inside your 40 pack of notepads, you will get 10 different colours. These colours include:

  • Boysenberry
  • Yale blue
  • Blue and gold marble
  • Purple and white marble
  • Purple camouflage
  • Blue camouflage
  • Pencils
  • Paint brushes
  • Yale blue sparkle
  • Periwinkle.

Along with this it comes with 5 different paper types:

  • Plain
  • Lined
  • Squared
  • Dotted
  • Plain/Lined combo.

Our plain would be ideal for anyone who likes drawing as one of their hobbies or simply enjoys expressing what’s on their mind. Meanwhile, our brilliant, lined paper would be excellent for anyone who wants to write any ideas down they may have or even if they need to write notes down in class or work. Furthermore, our squared paper will be perfect for any student in education who needs to work out particular equations in maths class, while our dotted will be great for anyone who needs to brainstorm new business plans or anyone who needs to separate any new business ideas.

The special price for the box of 40 is £72.99.

We believe that our notepads would be perfect for you and that you will find the dream design that you are looking for. At IPV we use as little plastic as possible, and all our notepads are Made in Britain accredited as well as being locally sourced meaning it is extremely eco-friendly. You will not find variations like ours anywhere else, so why not come take a look on what we have on offer on our site or get in touch with us via 01722 441482, if you are interested in the different bulk boxes we have available.

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