Space range

Do you like original and dynamic products that can be customised to your taste?

 Over the last year, we’ve launched several new and exciting ranges, and we like to promote all of them. Our Space notepad range is one that we’d like to highlight today.

Whether you’re busy at the office, a student taking notes, a parent looking to get your son or daughter a notebook for school, we understand that getting organised is an important part of everyday life.

This range is especially great for children as the designs are eye-catching and will help your child focus while doing schoolwork or homework. All our notepads can be customised with a range of different paper types and sizes, lined, plain or dotted paper. We use premium 80gsm paper in our notepads so that you can be sure that the paper itself won’t leak ink when you’ve written something down.  Our A5 backing card is durable and long-lasting, which means it can handle being shoved in a backpack. With black ring-binding to make sure your notepads won’t fall apart after some wear and tear.

This range is available in several creative, visually stimulating designs:

  • Black and White Planets
  • White and Black Planets
  • White and Black Astronauts
  • Galaxy Print
  • Colour Astronaut Print

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