Pearlised and Sparkle Bulk Boxes

Here at IPV we have a wide variety of Bulk Boxes for you to enjoy and love. These come in many different styles and designs. All our bulk boxes have five different paper types: Plain, Lined, Squared, Dotted, Lined/Plain Combo. Our notebooks are made up of excellent 80gsm paper while having twin wire binding and a whiteboard backing, and can also fold back on itself.

Why not try one of our Pearlised range bulk boxes which are perfect if you are a vibrant person and someone who enjoys a dazzle of colour in their life. There are 5 colours available. These include Boysenberry, Persian Pink, Titanium, Yale Blue and Forest Green.

In a 5 pack there are one of each notepad colour available, in a 10 pack there are two of each colour available.

Furthermore, we have a Sparkle range on offer which will be ideal for people who enjoy bright and fun colours as well as anyone who wants a little bit of sparkle in their life. As well as the Pearlised designs, the Sparkle range also has a 5 pack as well as a 10 pack. They are both available in several colours: Bon Bon Brown, Green, Amber, Yale Blue and Charcoal.

The Plain paper type is ideal for anyone who has a creative side to them who enjoy drawing or anyone who enjoys expressing their thoughts creatively. The Lined paper type would be ideal for anyone who takes notes regularly or anyone who is a student at college or school. Furthermore, our Squared paper type would be ideal for anyone who is in education as there’s no easier way to work out tricky calculations than with squared paper. Dotted paper is perfect for anyone who needs to draw out certain business plans and various projects and is an easy way of separating different ideas.

We believe you will love our array of notebooks as we have a wide variety of different styles to choose from. They are perfect for anyone who has a creative side to themselves who enjoys drawing or if you just enjoy jotting down ideas that you may have. All our notebooks are Carbon Capture and Made in Britain Accredited which therefore means that they are eco-friendly, locally sourced and produced in Britain.

Please visit our site and have a look at the variety of bulk boxes we have available. Please get in touch with us via our website and by our phone: 01722 441482, if you are interested in what we offer.

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