Our Bulk Boxes

We wanted to make something that was special and different, and something that helps this modern notepad world. By creating our bulk boxes, all specially and specifically selected for their correlation of colour and theme. We have spent hours sifting through multiple options of combinations just for you. Whether we’ve cracked the colour code or not we have a selection for everyone. If you like your camouflage with your marble or your pinks with your pens, you’re sorted here.

These boxes are more than full to the brim with colour and personality in a whole variety of assortments. With the mix of colours, we also have the multiple paper types that go with it making this a truly unique product. With a variety of box sizes there is plenty to pick from. One of our bulk boxes supplies you with 40 notepads in a variety of 10 designs, this box contains:

  • Colouring Pens
  • Amber
  • Copper
  • Red & White Marble
  • Orchid
  • Brilliant Rose
  • Pink Camo
  • Rosa
  • Persian Pink
  • Titanium.

Within this bulk box there are 4 different paper types giving you one notepad in each paper type. For example, you will receive 1 Orchid Print in lined and another in squared, one in lined and plain combination and 1 in plain. These ones are perfect for schools and small classes or even school clubs. They would fit in nicely in an office to different departments and that way everyone has their own personal one that can stay in the office. There are so many different and diverse uses for a notepad they wouldn’t be out of place anywhere.

As I’m sure you are aware our bulk boxes are a very recent addition to IPV and we are extremely excited about their arrival and we look forward to hopefully coming up with some more new boxes.

We are always striving to innovate our products and their functions and help the world in its next steps with notepad uses and with our bulk boxes we may have just accomplished part of that. For us to keep creating new products, our journey is far from over but never far from our next break through or our next milestone.

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