Major Wholesalers

A wholesaler is a company who purchases products from various manufacturers for much lower prices than other businesses while receiving a considerable discount by selling them in high volumes. The products then get sold onto the retailers for much more than they paid originally and therefore create more money while being at a better price than the retailer would’ve got from the manufacturer. Working alongside various wholesalers is vital with creating a client base as well as generating significant income.

One of the biggest wholesalers in the world is the technology firm, Apple. Apple are one of the biggest companies in the world who turn over millions of dollars from the selling of products every single year. Technology is no doubt one of the biggest wholesale departments worldwide who turnover millions every year and don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Technology companies make money by producing their products and sell them off to their customers for much more than they were produced for in their thousands of stores worldwide. Moreover, they tend to locate themselves around areas heavily populated such as shopping centres as this way they aim to create as such visibility while getting more sales.

Another major wholesaler is Booker. In 2017, Tesco agreed to buy Booker for £3.7bn with their main target to expand their already large food retailing business. Booker makes most of its money by supplying various branded goods to leisure centres, convenience stores and grocers. Within the wholesaler, it supplies thousands of different products ranging from tobacco to frozen food. A wide range of convenience stores are operated by Booker, these include Londis and Budgens. These convenience stores are not usually known for its fresh food but working along with Tesco they can have a much more abroad range of products inside their store meaning that it will attract much more customers. This is what we aim to achieve at IPV, one of our aims is to grow to these levels where we are selling large quantities products to our clients. We hope that we can grow gradually so we can reach similar levels to this.



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