Kickstarter Campaign

 We’re pleased to announce that we’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign!

After discussions within the company we’ve decided to design and produce a range of personal planners for academic or general use.

These planners will initially come in an A5 paper size, but later we hope to add more paper sizes to choose from. We anticipate that there will be many other options to customise our products to enable us to meet your specific needs.  

This is a big step for IPV as a company and if we’re able to raise enough money to hit our target then this will allow us to grow our range of products and start campaigns for other product ideas that we are developing in the future.

If you’re interested in this kind of product, whether you're in need of a planner for work or home, whether you're a headteacher looking for a range of stylish planners that can be customised with relevant information or just looking for a way to stay organised then please consider becoming a backer and take a look at our campaign here: Organise Your Life: Help Us Design a Planner by Innovative Product Ventures — Kickstarter


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