It's Time to Start Planning

Well, it is half term and I’m sure you’re busy enough trying to find something to keep the little rascals entertained and distracted from boredom. With that in mind, it’s not going to be easy to take them to the shops or out and about. This is where we can step in.  We want to take the stress out of back-to-school shopping. You have 5-6 weeks. It sounds long enough more than plenty of time to get them what they need, but will it be long enough with everything else on?

We have all their back-to-school needs covered in a matter of a few clicks. We have every item on your list except their uniforms. With the option of getting our new bulk boxes, your child can have a matching set with their best friends or your children can each have their own individually styled ones that show their personality and uniqueness.

They can come in all colours and paper types; we also have a variety of styles ranging from camo print to fruit, from floral to sparkle and the list goes on. We can handle it all even some of the more unusual items for the older students. We have calculators, geometry sets, staplers, holepunches and a variety of post-it tabs and not forgetting our presentation folders and more. So, whatever year you’re in or what school you go to or what subject you study at least you will be prepared with a whole arsenal of equipment at your disposal. 

The last thing anyone wants is the night before school starts, you rushing to the local big supermarket staring at bare shelves at midnight.

I know kids often change their minds at the flick of a switch, that’s why our bulk boxes are such a great idea. Have a box with several designs in and when the time comes they can grab the one they want and have plenty left for doing their homework.

Back to school will always be hectic and it will never be as simple as we imagine. It’s not just you, its every other parent in the same boat trying to get their kid exactly what they need to progress at school.

We all want the best for our kids and we want them to have the best products for them to build their future on.

We want to help you so come and check out the exciting products we have and what will be coming soon.

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