How Ready Are You?

This probably isn’t a question you would be expecting yet. However, that countdown isn’t going to stop. The academic new term isn’t far away now, and it will soon be here. I’m sure there are still a few questions you may have such as: what will be trending when they return back to school in September? Or what will be the next craze? The next trend? The next must have item on every child’s list?

I’m afraid I can’t tell the future. Although I can tell you that there is still plenty of variety out there for when it comes to planning the big shop to get all the back-to-school equipment. Even though there are plenty of products on shelves I can only assume they won’t hang around when the rush hits. When everyone is buying anything and everything they can get their hands on just to have something to send their kids to school with.

Do you really want to play in that game of tug of war?

Now pens and pencils and all that is affiliated with them are about all year round, there is no doubt about that. However fun, cool and ready for school notepads are only around for a few weeks of the year and once they are gone, they are really gone. So, how about you skip that un-needed and un-necessary hassle and drama and head over to us for you little ones notepads?

We’ve got an abundance of styles from sloths to watermelon to neon palm trees, we have it all. Every single one of our notepads are recyclable, and our paper is sourced from sustainable forests, plus they are manufactured in the UK making this an excellent product. We also use carbon capture preventing the harmful CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere protecting you and the planet. We also support the Woodland Trust by donating with every paper purchase we make.

Not only do we have plenty of styles to pick from, but also 5 paper types for you to peruse through. Perfect for the outgoing students to have a fully equipped notepad for classes such as squared for science and maths and the plain and lined combination for art and geography.

So, as I asked before, why not skip all the hassle? We’ll help you find the perfect notepad for the new term.


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