Camouflage Bulk Boxes Range

We would like to highlight our new range of bulk boxes; the new range is Camouflage. The Camouflage range will all come with white binding and greyboard backing. If you were wondering, our Camouflage range comes in a variety of colours, these are your options:

  • Green
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink. 

The first three colours are aimed at the people that like the more traditional, bold colours that are used in the Army, Navy or the R.A.F.  The last two are more for girls or people that like the camouflage pattern but still want more vibrant colours. 

You can order this range in five different types of paper, the type of paper that is include are:

  • Dotted
  • Squared
  • Lined and Plain Combo
  • Lined
  • Plain. 

These five paper types are designed for five major uses. Plain is for the artist, the brainstormer or for the people that just like writing on plain paper. Squared was designed for situations that you need to write equations or graphs. Dotted is designed for our journalist in mind. Lined is design for most jobs, ever its writing notes, letters or poetry. Plain and Lined Combo was designed for same reasons if they were separate but with a bonus that they could be used for art project where the piece needs a description or for the chemistry students that want have their equations and research where you can see them both.

Our Camouflage range comes in 300gsm silk cover.

There is one huge benefit if buying these bulk boxes from us is that all our notepads have Carbon Capture accreditation and Made in Britain accreditation which means they are eco-friendly and local, who would not buy an item which better our earth.


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