Bespoke Wholesale

Bespoke means that the wholesaler sells a product that you customise for your needs, this could range from notepads to mostly anything you could think of. Bespoke items will normally get the price increased, depending on how many customisations you have add or the quality of the material, such as moleskin or leather.

The options you can normally have for bespoke is:

  • Name,
  • Company name,
  • Company’s logo in what colour you would like,
  • Style of the customer’s name,
  • What type of material you want e.g. moleskin, leather, soft cover or hard cover,
  • The style of printing,
  • They could put on contact info, if you asked.

At IPV we can offer you bespoke covers for our notepads that include:

  • Your company logo and company colours,
  • Text and other styles to add to your cover,
  • Backing card available in White or Greyboard,
  • Binding available in Metallic, White and Black,
  • Paper types including Plain, Lined, Squared, Dotted and Lined/Plain Combo.

Currently available with 300gsm Silk Paper.

Whilst you are here you can get bespoke products with us, please contact us through the Contact Form on our website Innovative Product Ventures or email us at  We can go through the process and see what will work best for you!

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