Being a Wholesaler

We are a wholesale stationery company who sells products in bulk to various retailers for them to sell either through a middleman or directly to the public.  We are able to sell our products for a lower price as we are selling in bulk, which in turn reduces the time and costs involved.

We provide large quantities of notepads/notebooks, but can also take on orders for smaller quantities as well.  We manufacture all our notepads ourselves in the county of Wiltshire and all of our suppliers are locally sourced.


For us being a wholesaler gives us access to a wide range of shops and other outlets, in a variety of markets.  Offering our products as a wholesaler allows us to reach a wider audience and we have been able to grow our business quicker than expected.

Being a wholesaler is a great way to build brand awareness, as consumers can see our products in a variety of shops/platforms.  Other advantages of being a wholesaler is drop-shipping and global expansion, which make it much faster to expand into global markets.

However, it’s not all plain sailing being a wholesaler, there are potential pitfalls, such as, requiring suitable warehouse space and retaining your brand identity ie. you do not want to supply a product to a well-known shop, and have consumers think of it as their own product.  As a wholesaler we are still responsible for marketing our products to retailers/consumers, by sending a message regarding product placement and brand identity for our products.  Retailers need to be able to find our company and products ie. being competitive on pricing, having good distribution channels and great product lines are no good if no-one knows about you.

This is why, our Marketing Department have been working really hard to ensure our extensive range of notepads are the best they can be.  For more information on our products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 01722 441482 or via email


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