Back to University

This blog will explain everything you need to know about preparing yourself to go back to your university whether you’re starting new or a fresh new term.

It can be a stressful time for any of you going to university, whether it is starting a brand-new term or if you’re a brand-new student just joining, we have just the notepad design for you! We have an excellent range of Materica notepads for anyone who enjoys a bit of sophistication in life as well as in their notepad.

At IPV, we have two different colours of our excellent Materica range notepads. These include:

  • Green
  • Orange.

These notepads are available in 5 different paper types:

  • Plain
  • Lined
  • Squared
  • Dotted
  • Plain/Lined combo.

Our plain paper would be ideal for any student who simply needs to brainstorm anything they get given in class or even a lecture. Furthermore, our lined paper is perfect for anyone who simply needs to write reminders down in class or just wants to jot down any ideas they have education related or not.

We know how frustrating it is when you’re in maths class and are finding it difficult to solve any equations that may come up on in class which is where our squared paper comes in. With our squared paper, you can answer these tricky questions with ease making it easier to do your working out. Moreover, the dotted paper would be ideal if you are a student who simply wants to be creative and can even be used to practice your handwriting if you think it needs a bit of improvement.

The prices for the bulk boxes are as follows:

  • Box of 5 = £9.99
  • Box of 10 = £19.99
  • Box of 25 = £25.99
  • Box of 40 = £99.99 

By buying one of our excellent bulk boxes, you will be all set for the brand-new term of college/university that you may have. By the end of academic year, you would have used up a lot of paper from your classes and lectures so why not buy one of our bulk boxes to prepare yourself for the busy term ahead.

All our notepads are Made in Britain and Carbon Capture accredited making them locally sourced and eco-friendly. If you are interested in our bulk boxes, please do not hesitate to browse our site and to get in touch with us via 01722 441482, we hope to hear from you very soon.

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