Alternative Uses for Things

In our continued quest to find the creative, the innovative, and the downright bonkers, this blog post looks toward alternative uses for office stationery to get the artistic juices flowing.

Office stationery – there always seems to be too much of it or not enough. And as a company that sells its fair share of stationery, we here at Blue Wonder can definitely empathise with there being a lot lying around. However, that’s not to say those piles of unused bics cannot be useful. So below, we have listed five things you can do with left over stationery that may relieve office boredom.

1. Pencil Desk Accessories.
This will require the use of a good few pencils but, hey, they’re made of wood, so why not? As the picture shows, they can be glued together to make anything: a picture frame, a desk clock, or, if you’re feeling particularly ironic, a pen/pencil holder. They don’t have to be standard HB pencils either. Why not use coloured ones or have a full rainbow effect?

2. Pen Chandelier.
Remember those leftover bics we mentioned at the beginning of the article? This is where they come in handy. Like the pencils, you can glue a bunch of them together to make anything, but why not use their transparency to your advantage? Fix them to a metal frame and attach the frame to a light fixture and you have your very own cheap affordable chandelier.

3. Floppy Disc Notepad.
There may be a few of you reading this that have no idea what a floppy disc is so for those of you born after the year 2000, this is what preceded USB’s. We’re not entire sure how you would go about making one of these and we can’t imagine they’d be very big but as a novelty piece of nostalgia it’s quite fun none the less.

4. Thumb Tack Art.
We’re sure health and safety would likely have an issue with having too many thumb tacks lying around so deal with them safely by creating you own piece of art. Known as pointillism, it is, quite literally, the art of creating art work using dots. Just make sure the thumb tacks you have are colourful and not the standard tin ones most offices have.

5. Post-It Pixel Art.
Once you’ve nailed pointillism why not take it one step further? This will require some space as post-its aren’t exactly small, but get enough colours and you can make an old school gaming mural, or, like the example here, make a picture of your favourite superheroes. Make sure you get robust post-its though. You don’t want the adhesive to stop working mid creation.

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